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able to perceive or feel things

Human mind has an inherent capability to expand its wisdom by learning, observing and understanding the surroundings. Because of the ability to perceive or feel things man could grow his consciousness and progressed so far. The progression from ape to a human being was a great transformation on the planet earth. Many great minds throughout the history strived hard for the betterment of the human race by gifting our generations with great advancements in science and technology. This was all possible because of the “thought” power of the man. The term “Sentientmindz” struck me when I wanted to create this website and so named it to honor the greatness of mind.

According to wikipedia:

“Sentience quotient is defined as the relationship between the information processing rate of each individual processing unit (neuron), the weight/size of a single unit, and the total number of processing units (expressed as mass). It was proposed as a measure for the sentience of all living beings and computers from a single neuron up to a hypothetical being at the theoretical computational limit of the entire universe. On a logarithmic scale it runs from −70 up to +50.”

This website is primarily created to present my ideas and inspirations that I think or come across in my daily life.